My husband brews his own craft beer and at this pace we will soon be running a bar from our garage

When I married my husband, I knew I was marrying a man who loved beer. But I never could have imagined the extent of his passion would lead us to where we are today. With a variety of brewing kettles and fermenters occupying every corner of our garage, a plethora of assorted craft ingredients lining the shelves, and numerous batches bubbling away – it has become evident that our home is well on its way to transforming into a fully functional brewery.

From his first tentative foray into home brewing several years ago, my husband’s passion for craft beer has grown exponentially. And because every hobby must also have its fair share of guilty indulgences, our once modest collection of brewing equipment now resembles something more akin to the lair of a mad scientist hard at play.

But it’s not just about the fancy gadgets and having an endless supply of quality brews at our fingertips. This newfound hobby has truly turned into a labor of love which has rather seamlessly seeped into our daily lives.

By day, my husband is a successful entrepreneur who channels most of his energy into running his thriving business. But it is in evenings, after the workday has come to an end, that he withdraws into his garage brewery to explore the fine art that is beer making. There’s no denying it – he’s in his element as he meticulously measures out water and crushed malted barley, carefully adjusts temperatures, and adds essential hops to reach peak flavor potential.

As the weeks roll along, our garage walls are filling with scribbled-down recipes and plans for future batches – each one promising unique twists and surprises. So far, we’ve got quite an eclectic mix ranging from a Belgian-style Tripel infused with hibiscus flowers to an unexpectedly spicy jalapeño IPA. Each new creation is always met with high anticipation and tasting sessions quickly become mini-celebrations in their own right.

It didn’t take long for word to spread about my husband’s ever-growing selection of delicious brews. Friends and family alike were soon lining up for tastes and samples – even those finicky beer aficionados quickly became converts. And thus came the increased requests for refills or “growlers” to go!

Our once slightly cluttered garage has now truly evolved into an all-out beer haven with hand-drawn chalk signs adorning the utility fridge-turned-kegerator boasting that week’s offerings on tap. It’s as if an invite in passing for “a quick pint around ours” will soon be transformed into “grab a seat at our Garage Bar!”

While some may see this growing obsession as excessive, my thoughts have taken quite a different turn: is it really so far-fetched that this charming garage brewery could turn into the hottest little home-grown bar in town?

We’re already providing pints to family members over backyard BBQs, hosting small-scale tastings for friends, and offering growlers upon request. The quality of the brews seems to be attracting ever widening attention – even amongst self-proclaimed beer connoisseurs!

I know what you might be thinking: Doesn’t she worry about having their home overtaken by his hobby? The truth is – I support him wholeheartedly! Who wouldn’t want an endless supply of amazing craft beer right at their doorstep? Sure, I may be sacrificing my parking spot…. but isn’t it worth it when you can raise a glass stunted with condensation containing liquid gold brewed from love?

So here’s to our journey thus far – from humble beginnings as home brewers through to increasing popularity among friends – which undoubtedly makes us wonder what could be next: will a small-time microbrewery operation be in store? Time will tell…

In the meantime – you’re all invited around ours! The taps are ready – how can you resist?