I am married and work full time as a Registered Nurse in Intensive Care Kindergarten

The life of a Registered Nurse working in an Intensive Care Unit is one that typically involves long hours, odd shifts and an endless round of adrenaline-fueled moments. For some, the idea of balancing the responsibilities of married life while tending to the needs of critically ill patients might seem overwhelming. Yet, as a proud wife and a dedicated Intensive Care Kindergarten (ICK) nurse, I am here to share my story.

As an experienced ICU nurse, I have engagingly encountered many types of patients and have dealt with various critical situations. But when I started my journey in the ICK, I found myself exploring a new facet of my career – caring for infants and young children who required specialized medical care.

In the world of healthcare, it is unusual for Kindergarten-age children to require intensive medical care. However, the Intensive Care Kindergarten is a unique and specialized program that not only addresses their critical medical needs but incorporates educational and social activities into the mix.

Just like any other specialty area, working in the ICK presents its unique set of challenges. From interacting with parents to learning about each child’s health history and understanding their emotional needs, every day is a learning experience. And while these young patients may require therapies such as IV medications, ventilator support or surgery, they are still children who crave love, attention and exciting activities.

In this fast-paced work environment, these little warriors show me strength and resilience beyond their years. Every smile and hearty laughter brings immense joy to my heart as they continue to motivate me to give them the best possible care.

As every married couple would attest to, marriage is also a beautiful journey made up of love and understanding. But it requires constant nurturing from both partners. As a full-time ICK nurse with odd hours and hectic shifts, keeping my marriage strong is always at the forefront of my priorities.

Given the tough nature of my work environment, communication with my partner has played a pivotal role in maintaining harmony in our marriage. Both my husband and I make sure we check-in on each other regularly – whether it’s through quick texts during break times or heartfelt conversations over dinner.

Mindfulness techniques have also worked wonders in helping me detach from work-related stress upon returning home. By creating mental boundaries between work life and home life, we can dedicate uninterrupted time to one another – enjoying quality time together by watching movies or indulging in our hobbies.

Another crucial aspect of sustaining our strong marriage has been flexibility – catering to each other’s changing schedules while making sure we still manage quality time together regularly. Our respective careers demand different responsibilities; nonetheless, we always prioritize each other without compromising our demanding roles at work.

In conclusion, being married while working full-time as an Intensive Care Kindergarten nurse has given me invaluable insights into finding peace amidst chaos. The delicate act of balancing between work responsibilities and personal relationships demands mindfulness techniques; however, clear communication and putting effort into making undisturbed quality time together reap endless benefits.

From dealing with delicate kindergarten-aged children in critical healthcare settings to maintaining a loving long-term relationship with my partner, every day is a reminder that both nursing care and marriage come with something beautiful – love. And that’s what makes it all worth it. So here’s to cherishing unforgettable moments – at work, at home – knowing that love lies at the heart of it all!